Flying to Utah

I am here in Utah for a trade show and to teach a mixed media art journaling class to other store owners.  I flew in the day before so got to visit Salt Lake City and visit the area.

I did a lot of walking around, it so different to see mountains or even hills for that matter, Florida is just so, well flat. The temperature was over 100 degrees but was definitely not as humid as Florida and it was fun to see something different  than the route to the store, lol

here are some random photos from my walk.

Here is the Courthouse in Salt Lake City.  I was suprised at the amount of homeless people sleeping on the benches and on the grass.




Lovely spring flowers and of course the grass itself is so different than Florida, softer more like the grass I am used to in England.



The reflecting pond in front of the temple. It was just like looking in a mirror.




Statues are located through the grounds


I love the bark on this tree, I think it would make a beautiful stencil.




tomorrow I teach my class and then on Tuesday I am taking a bus tour organized through Crafters Home to visit some of the manufacturers in my industry.