aack I am on the radio!!!

So I have been keeping a secret, I was asked to do an interview for the Womens Radio Network.  They are a internet radio show which “help women build their online presence and bring business women from diverse backgrounds together to build a strong network of successful individuals.”

If you know me, you know I have a few problems with making videos as I get quite nervous when talking out loud.. . . and feel that I come across as some monotone lecturing professor who is quite dull.  I can’t seem to grasp the concept of relaxing and letting my personality show through.  I feel the same way about formal interviews.

At least with this interview I was going to be guided by the hostess Lisa Singer. Lisa was going to ask me questions and I had to answer them.

A lot less nerve racking than making a YouTube video you would think.

But then I realized this is internet radio and although the interview is live, it is archived and it will be on the internet FOREVER.

omg, what happened if I made a complete ass of myself!!!


So I did not tell anyone I was doing the interview.  I decided to wait untill it was uploaded and I could hear for myself how I sounded.

The interview was supposed to last for eight minutes, which in my mind seemed like it would last for hours.

So today finally came and  I couldn’t get the call waiting to deactivate on the phone so I had to do the interview on my cell phone.  I figured I was going to go out the back of the store so I would not be interrupted but 15 minutes before the interview was supposed to start the lawn people started mowing the lawns.

Ok, no problem I will go out the front of the store but then the other guys fired up the weed whackers.

Oh, boy. . . . so into my car I go. . . .  now remember I am on a cell phone so I can’t have any background noise so I could not turn on the engine for the air conditioning. Let me tell you it was hot in the car and that was compounded by my being nervous. I didn’t want to talk too slow or too fast, or get tongue tied ir say something inappropriate or . . . . .

In the end the interview seemed like it only lasted for about 4 minutes, and I felt quite relaxed.

I listened to the playback and I sounded OK, so here you go if you would like to listen to it, just click the player button .


or if you would like to go the Womens Radio Network site, the address is:


the next big hurdle is to sound natural in a video :)

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