Canvas Panel

This was the piece that I taught as  a class in Alaska, I just stumbled across the image.  The cool thing about this piece is there are three hidden compartments, you can see one of them open with a red crown marble inside.


The canvas was made from recycled items

Cruising to Alaska

This years art cruise was to Alaska.  What can I say, WOW.  Alaska is stunning, from the wildlife to the scenery.  It just blew me away.



I taught 4 classes on this cruise.  The Gelli Plate printing class was a lot of fun and useful too,  We made a portfolio to showcase all the brochures tickets and photos from the Cruise.  In the Mixed Media Class we made a wall art piece that had three interactive tins to hold treasures.


Just some of the stunning places I visited in Alaska


Some of the students in a group photo

DSC04413 DSC04419 DSC04430 DSC04437 DSC04443 DSC04555 DSC04565 DSC04570 DSC04576 DSC04584 DSC04585 DSC04587 DSC04602 DSC04626



It has been a crazy few weeks.

I don’t think I have stopped running in the last few weeks.  (don’t get confused it was NOT the exercising kind of running) . . . . just a lot of things happening in life.

First, at the beginning of March we went on a Paper Muse Cruise to Cozumel and Belize aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas.  It was a wonderful time and during the “at sea” days I taught mixed media classes.

In the first class we constructed an Art Journal using a number of fun techniques on watercolor paper.

Paper Muse Cruise

Paper Muse Cruise

The 2nd class we created a canvas using Tim Holtz Distress paints and beeswax.


Whispers of Art, Ranger, Paper Muse Cruise, Michelle McCosh

Whispers of Your Art

Here are some of the different canvases that everyone made.  They were just absolutely fabulous

1stphoto 2ndphoto 3rdphoto 4thphoto


The third class was the Mariner’s Box

Mariners Box Paper Muse Cruise Michelle McCoshwe left two compartments open so that we could get souvenirs from the cruise.  I managed to buy a beautiful shell and some Worry Dolls that will go in mine.

and the fourth one we continued with more techniques in the Art Journal

Paper Muse Cruise

Paper Muse Cruise

Here are some of the photos from our Art Days.

Artdays3 artdays2 artdays1Artdays4artdays5Artdas6

we had 38 in our party and we were able to get the whole side of the restaurant reserved for us, although trying to get everyone to wave at the same time was impossible.

Paper Muse Cruise

In Belize some of us booked a private tour through NCQ Adventure Tours.  If you go to Belize I highly recommend them.

These are some images of Belize

Belize paper muse cruisePaper muse cruise Belize


We went to Altun Ha which is the most extensively excavated ruin in Belize and was a major ceremonial center during the Classic Period, as well as a vital trade center that linked the Caribbean shores with other Maya centers in the interior. The ruin consists of two main plazas with some thirteen temple and residential structures.

  The “Jade Head”, representing the Sun God, Kinich Ahau, was the most significant find during Dr. David Pendergast’s excavations. At approximately six inches high and weighing nine and three-quarter pounds, it is still to this day the largest carved jade object in the whole Maya area. The Jade Head is locked up in a bank vault so we did not get to see it, but, the ruins were amazing.

Paper muse cruise Belize

Paper muse cruise Belize


Paper muse cruise BelizePaper muse cruise Belizeruin2

Two of our group were teenagers and they decided to climb the first ruin we came to:

Paper muse cruise Belizethis was taken from far away.  Up close it is quite steep and tall!!

Apparently I mistook myself for a teenager that was in shape and I decided to climb up as well.

halfway-UpHalf way up and I am still smiling


The girls were watching me and saying to each other “what an idiot I am”CrazyWhen I got back down I was told that this was the ruin that was not recommended to climb as it is quite treacherous.  Nice of them to tell me AFTER!!

After we had explored this ruin we went to the Baboon Sanctuary where we had close encounters with the Howler Monkeys.  It was amazing to hear them howl to each other.  I loved my time spent with them.

Paper muse cruise

Nacho and his wife who gave us the tour were so nice and provided us with water, sodas, tons of local snacks (yummy), took us to lunch and to a local grocery store so we could stock up on spices and then dropped us off at a market after giving each of us gift.  They are very knowledgeable about the history of their country witch they obviously love and we had a fantastic time with them.

Next stop the cruise ship made was Cozumel where we were treated to some street dancing and enjoyed shopping and lunch at a local eatery.  The dancers were incredible and their costumes amazing.

Paper Muse Cruise streetdance2 streetdance


During the cruise my Dad unfortunately suffered a stroke, I did not find out till I was in Cozumel and had phone service.  So once we docked I ran to Orlando.  (Luckily my Dad is expected to make a full recovery but, I thought I was going to have a break down when I found out).  Two weeks later I flew to Connecticut to teach an Art Journal Class at one of my friends stores and from there I went to Framingham, Ma to attend a retailer event.  Then I flew back to South Florida to host an amazing Mixed Media event with DJ Pettitt.  I brought a horrendous cold back with me and I am now just starting to feel like a normal human being again.  . . . . So it does not seem like I have stopped to breathe this year.  Anyway stay tuned for my recap of Connecticut, Framingham and DJ Pettit.

A long over due update

I bet you wonder where I have been, I am still here, I have just been unable to get off the hamster wheel for the last few weeks.

Here is a run down from the start of 2014

I had the day off on New Years Day, it was nice to have the day to myself.  I did a little cleaning and organizing in my craft room and even took a nap. My craft room would need a month of 12 hour days to get organized properly as it has been a dumping ground for the last 4 years.  One of my goals for this year is to get it back into a creative space.

January 2nd I was back at work, I taught five classes at the store and then I flew to California for a Trade Show and it has been non stop ever since.

The trade show which was held in Southern California was fantastic.  I love going to the trade shows not only to see what is new but to catch up with fellow store owners and my favorite manufacturers.  Over the years some of the industry people have become great friends and I love seeing them.  This year was extra special. . . I had some of artwork featured in my all time favorite manufacturers booth.  It was such an honor.  Ranger is an awesome company.  I can never say enough good things about them and the people that are associated with them.  Can you say “girl crush”

Here are two of my pieces in their booth.

Ranger-Booth-Art CHA 2014 Tim Holtz Michelle McCosh

Ranger Booth

My two pieces are the Paintbrush Card on the left hand side and the Eiffel Tower Tag on the bottom.  There were no words to describe my feelings as I walked by the booth and recognized my art. :)

Here are some more detailed images of the card

Ranger-Booth-Art CHA 2014 Tim Holtz Michelle McCosh

Paint Brush Card

I used Adirondack Paint and Archival Ink on the card.  The background was made with my Gelli Arts plate.  I also painted the brush handle on the gelli plate.  The brush incidentally came from my paint brush pot.  I often leave my paint brushes in dirty water for extended periods of time.  Not usually a good thing but in this case I though my brush was very “Arty”

Ranger-Booth-Art CHA 2014 Tim Holtz Michelle McCosh

The Brush!

I used some Tim Holtz Rubbings on the handle. I was going to paint the ferrule (the metal part of the brush) but I really loved the rust that was showing and did not want to interfere with it.

Ranger-Booth-Art CHA 2014 Tim Holtz Michelle McCosh

Close Up of Rust

Ranger-Booth-Art CHA 2014 Tim Holtz Michelle McCosh

Another view


This is the Tag that I made.  . . . again I used Adirondack Paints and Archival Ink\.

Ranger-Booth-Art CHA 2014 Tim Holtz Michelle McCosh

Eiffel Tower Dream Tag

Ranger-Booth-Art CHA 2014 Tim Holtz Michelle McCosh

another view

Ranger-Booth-Art CHA 2014 Tim Holtz Michelle McCosh

Bottom View



Since I returned from CHA I have been busy designing and teaching classes and getting ready for the cruise.  We leave in two weeks to travel to Belize and Cozumel for a few days.  I am teaching four classes on the ship, here is a little peek.

Cruise Projects Michelle McCosh

Sneak Peek

Just in case anyone going on the cruise reads this blog I do not want to spoil the surprise so I will schedule a post for when we have left Fort Lauderdale that will show the completed projects.

Two weeks after we get back from the cruise I fly to Connecticut to teach an Art Journaling class at the Papercraft Clubhouse in Westbrook,

Art Journal Michelle McCosh

Art Journal – The Power of 7


after that I go to an industry training event in Massachusetts.

I will be back April 1st and then DJ Pettitt comes to the store to teach on April 3rd.  Talk about a whirlwind.

As all of my classes are designed through the end of this month so now I have some time to breathe and will be able to update this blog.



Teaching on a Cruise Ship

I taught Mixed Media classes on a cruise ship last year with Cheryl Mezzetti and I had so much fun I decided to teach on a cruise ship again.
So I am excited to announce that you can find me on

March 1 – 6, 2014

aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas

a 5-Night Mixed Media Cruise to the Western Caribbean


Cruise Liberty of the Seas Royal Caribbean

Liberty of the Seas

leaving from Fort Lauderdale.


4 Different Mixed Media / Art Journaling Classes
we are limiting class participation to 32 crafters.
Update:  October 21, 2013
There are only 3 crafting spots left!!!
The Art Studio will be open 24 hours a day so you can play whenever you want
We will also have an on board store featuring the latest Mixed Media Supplies.
If you are interested only in cropping and not the classes we will have a special option just for you.  Call Everything Scrapbook & Stamps for more details on 561 432-5201.

 What to expect

The ship is sailing to Belize City, Belize & Cozumel, Mexico Share a high five with Shrek as part of the DreamWorks® Experience.  Put on your boogie shoes for hit Broadway musical Saturday Night Fever. Catch a first-run movie in the 3D theater or poolside under the stars on the outdoor movie screen. And finish the evening with a selection of reds or whites at the renovated, now-more-intimate Vintages wine bar.Liberty of the Seas has a FlowRider® surf simulator, rock-climbing wall, ice-skating rink, Royal Promenade, cantilevered whirlpools, mini golf course, and much more.

Sign-up Now!


I am busy planning all completely new classes.

I am literally exploding with ideas

It is going to be so much fun, I hope you can join me.