What is in a Title or a Name ?

On the shuttle bus going to the Airport in Utah last week, there was a flight attendant and myself.  (apparently flights at midnight are not popular in Utah)



We struck up a conversation and she asked me if I was an Artist.

I don’t know what made her ask me, maybe it was the paint on my arm or my artisan crafted bag (love this bag, it is a razor bag made in Nepal) that gave it away. anyway,  I answered her with a “NO” and I wondered why I did that.

It made me think .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  when I think of the word “Artist”  I think of fine artists who paint sweeping scenery or stunning realistic portraits and I don’t do that.

Am I a Crafter ?  Well the answer is both Yes and No.  Do I do Art?  Again the answer is both Yes and No so I decided to come up with a term that describes how I think of myself



and I came up with Craftist.  I am both a Crafter and an Artist combined.  So next time someone answers me I will be able to answer them.  I am a Craftist!!


and for those of you interested here is a photo of my lovely bag. The bags are made in Nepal by skilled women who work with community based Fair Trade organizations.


michelle mccosh bag

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