Traveler’s Notebook Stamp Caravan

Ok I will admit I am a bit of a geek when it comes to the original Traveler’s Notebooks.  I use three of them and am trying to find justification why I need another one (I neeeed the Camel color, lol) So anyway, I was super excited that Everything Scrapbook & Stamps is a stop on the Stamp Caravan.

{For those of you that do not know:  You can go to their store in Japan and use their custom stamps to stamp in your notebooks.  They decided to make duplicate sets of stamps and loan them to special stores for customers to use.}

Everything Scrapbook & Stamps hosted the stamps for the month of November with a special day on November 10th where we had goodie bags and a meetup to show each other our TN’s


here is the Traveler’s Notebook area in the store

20191025_182009 20191025_181955 20191025_181934

and a photo of everyone’s TN’s stacked up

20191110_131151 20191110_131201

Geek Out!!

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