Yep it is week 31

The Where Paper and Fabric Collide Challenge between myself and Christine escanes continues with the word Insects.

I loved making this canvas

week 30

I have to confess I did not like this weeks word, Buckle

Week 29

ruler is the word this week for the Where Paper and Fabric Collide Challenge

Week 28 of the challenge

Tea is the word.  Confession Time:  I grew up in England and went to college there and I have never tried Tea.  I don’t like the smell

Week 27 – Brushes

Week 27 of the Where Paper and Fabric Collide Challenge and our word is Brushes.  I am hard on my brushes.  When I use them I put them in water and then leave the,.  Sometimes I go back two weeks later and there is no water in the cup just a dried up brush!!

Week 26 and we are halfway done

I can’t believe we have done 26 projects so far this year,

This week I am working with Fabric and Christine is working with Paper

Week 25 of the Challenge

Gold is the Magic Word this week


You have to see this in person.  It looks like Metal.  These paints are amazing!

Week 24 and we are doing Butterflies

week 24 of the Where Paper rand Fabric Collide Challenge and the word this week is Butterflies.

week 23 of the Challenge

It is week 23 and the word this week is Angelina Fibers

Week 22 – it’s a Seahorse

yep our word is Seahorse and I made a page in my Journal  I feel like I am barely hanging on to everything I have to do!