time for Week 21

Inktense Pencils – how I heart these!

Week 20 for the challenge

The word this week is telephone. (and one of my favorite things are old english phone booths. I have a couple of them in the store.  One day I will have a real one – do you hear that Universe?)

Week 19 and it is time for the challenge

Deli Paper is the word for this week.  This is something I love to print on. It is stronger than tissue paper and almost melts away when added as collage in your journal.

Week 18 and it is a Mermaid

Mermaids are so popular lately.  We sell stamps, dies, paper like crazy at the store.  As long as it has a mermaid on it, it is popular.


I decided to make a journal that is a little different.

Week 17 of the Challenge

Time is the word for this week, and this something I am always lacking!!!

Week 16

and this week we used Hot Glue

Week 15 of the challenge

its all about Jewelry this week!

Week 14 of the Where Paper and Fabric Collide Challenge

Week 14 and our word was bird!

I gelli printed my parrots eggs!

It’s Week 13

Gesso – our word and one of my favorite mediums.  If I was ever stranded on a desert island – this is the medium I would want.  I can make paint by mixing it with leaves or berries for color.  I can paint on leaves or tree bark.  I can make art – as long as I have my gesso!

Week 12 of Where Paper and Fabric Collide

Flower was the word this week.