Vegas Baby

Time for the Summer Trade show and this year it was held in Vegas.

Not a favorite location of mine. I find there is too many people and it is hot. On the plus side I get to meet up with my colleagues and order tons of merchandise for the holiday season.

View of the hoover dam from the plane.

Vegas was hot, hot, hot and there was a swarm of grasshoppers. The grasshoppers were so dense that they could be seen from space!!

I found some very cool products for the store and had a great time with my colleagues. Time away from the store always gives my head time to think about new classes. This time I found a new book system and it gave me some fabulous ideas for 4 or 5 different art journaling classes.

Can’t wait to get some of the components I need to start designing.

Here is one of them.


Here is the outside of an English pub that I managed to eat at with my friend Brooke.  I like to eat genuine English Sausages when I get a chance.


Genuine Sausages and Baked Beans.  Strange to have the Baked Beans with Bangers and Mash tho.