Sweets from my Childhood

I was in an Art Journaling class last week when one of the girls was talking about a Candy store in South Florida called To the Moon.  Apparently this store is a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds.  They have over 13000 items in stock, their main focus is hard to find candies and chocolates from the early years and also a large number of international treats and they also sell some kitschy fun gift items.

While we were talking I suddenly remembered a candy bar from my childhood growing up in England called Caramac.  When I used to visit England regularly a few years ago I  used to treat myself to one but they were always a little harder to find.

My Aunt used to own a Sweet Shop on the High Street in a small town in Shropshire and I used to love getting a small bag of pear drops or a couple of parma violets when I visited as a very young child but I don’t remember if she carried Caramac.

Anyway someone asked me what it tasted like and I couldn’t describe it other than to say it was a distinctive flavor, so I googled it to find out how others describe it and came up with this:

A Caramel flavored “Chocolate” bar.  (there is no cocoa in it)


I looked up the definition and Wikipedia says:  The bar is a pale yellow colour, and is manufactured using sweetened condensed milk, butter, various flavourings, and sugar

aah. and I realized the reason I love it must be from the condensed milk!!

Now I remember the candy very well but not the wrapper, I wonder if they had a different one when I was a child. . . . but more importantly I will have to find out if this candy store carries it.

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