Some time off

I was able to play hooky this past Monday and visited the Wynwood Walls project in Miami for a few hours.  The Wynwood Walls is a community revitalization project located in the warehouse district of Miami.  Huge murals and graffiti cover the sides of buildings and shipping containers.

What an inspiring place, full of street art both on a large and tiny scale.

Here are just a few of the photos I took.  The images that were taken inside the walls I have named the artists but those on the streets unfortunately I do not know who the inspiring piece came from.


side of a building


Side of a building

photo 6

walking down the street

photo8on the street where Zak the Baker is located

these photos were taken inside the walls
photo 5Photo 1

Puerto Rican artist…  Alexis Diaz

Photo 2

Lady Pink

Photo 3


photo 4

Miss Van

We ate at a lovely little Bistro for lunch – Zak the Baker, Avocado on toast with marinated tomatoes and red pepper.  The tomatoes had great flavor and there was just a little kick to the bread with the flaked pepper. . . . .  YUM!

I have a million art journal and canvas ideas running through my head and I left feeling very inspired and can’t wait to go back and explore the neighborhood again.  I just have to figure out a way to play hooky again :)



Another Long Absence

It seems my intentions are great for this blog but, my execution leaves much to be desired.

I have been trying to get more organized about this site so that when I have the ideas for the blog I am actually in a place where I can write them down and get them done.

Since I have been gone I have taught on a cruise ship headed to Alaska.  That was at the end of July and it was just this past friday that I was able to get my photos off my camera :)

I have designed and had manufactured (and SOLD OUT in one week, yeah me!) a line of stamps  for planners and a set for Art Journaling.  If you would like to see what they look like please click here for the online store:

How Does She Do It?  – this is the stamp set that is helping me get more organized

PS-107 – this stamp set is for people attending school or the parents

Ready Set Go – to help me with planning my next working vacation

and this is the set I designed for Art Journaling – Imperfection


This is a sample of the Art Journal Set which I have used just for fun.

imperfection sample 3 imprefection sample 4


imprefection sample 2 imprefection sample

Will try and post more images as I get them photographed. . . . and based on my track record it might be a while, so no one hold their breath!


aack I am on the radio!!!

So I have been keeping a secret, I was asked to do an interview for the Womens Radio Network.  They are a internet radio show which “help women build their online presence and bring business women from diverse backgrounds together to build a strong network of successful individuals.”

If you know me, you know I have a few problems with making videos as I get quite nervous when talking out loud.. . . and feel that I come across as some monotone lecturing professor who is quite dull.  I can’t seem to grasp the concept of relaxing and letting my personality show through.  I feel the same way about formal interviews.

At least with this interview I was going to be guided by the hostess Lisa Singer. Lisa was going to ask me questions and I had to answer them.

A lot less nerve racking than making a YouTube video you would think.

But then I realized this is internet radio and although the interview is live, it is archived and it will be on the internet FOREVER.

omg, what happened if I made a complete ass of myself!!!


So I did not tell anyone I was doing the interview.  I decided to wait untill it was uploaded and I could hear for myself how I sounded.

The interview was supposed to last for eight minutes, which in my mind seemed like it would last for hours.

So today finally came and  I couldn’t get the call waiting to deactivate on the phone so I had to do the interview on my cell phone.  I figured I was going to go out the back of the store so I would not be interrupted but 15 minutes before the interview was supposed to start the lawn people started mowing the lawns.

Ok, no problem I will go out the front of the store but then the other guys fired up the weed whackers.

Oh, boy. . . . so into my car I go. . . .  now remember I am on a cell phone so I can’t have any background noise so I could not turn on the engine for the air conditioning. Let me tell you it was hot in the car and that was compounded by my being nervous. I didn’t want to talk too slow or too fast, or get tongue tied ir say something inappropriate or . . . . .

In the end the interview seemed like it only lasted for about 4 minutes, and I felt quite relaxed.

I listened to the playback and I sounded OK, so here you go if you would like to listen to it, just click the player button .


or if you would like to go the Womens Radio Network site, the address is:

the next big hurdle is to sound natural in a video :)

Dina Wakley – Art Journal Courage

Dina Wakley has just published a new book called Art Journal Courage.  I already have Dina’s first book called Art Journal Freedom and I love it so I was excited to be able to get my hands on her second book.  I have to say that her new book is pretty amazing.  

dina wakley art journal courage

Dina’s book has eight chapters and the artwork throughout the book is just luscious and so inspiring. Whether you are an experienced or beginner in the field of Art Journaling, this book will inspire you just as it has me. Dina even shows you how to make yourself into a stencil.

I have been art journaling for a few years and I have kept a diary for as long as I can remember . . .  but one of the things I tell myself and everyone else is that “I can’t draw”  well Dina covers this very statement in her book and you know what? with the help and step by step directions in her book, I believe that I CAN draw.  Starting tomorrow I will be practicing. . . . 

If you need a copy and need it quick click this link:

Buy Art Journal Courage at Everythng Scrapbook & Stamps.  

There are plenty of Dina’s books in stock.

and if you see me at the store with my pencil and my art journal you know what I am doing.

Its all about the pencil

I love working with pencils, especially when they are the Derwent Inktense pencils, lately I have been kind of addicted to them, I just love using them for backgrounds in my art journal.  Combine them with another of my favorite mediums, gesso and I think you have a match made in heaven. . .

I was excited to see this video of the factory in England where they are made. I love seeing the behind the scenes of how  products are made, I am kind of a geek that way.

So here is the video . . enjoy!

They come in 72 lovely colors. . . . my goal is to own them all!

and if you haven’t tried them yet, you NEED to get some. Just sayin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mini Gelli Arts Printing Plate

Gelli Arts recently came out with two smaller sizes of printing plates.  I grabbed one of the smaller ones out of our first shipment but sadly a customer wanted it and I had to give it up,

So the second shipment came in and I quickly added paint to it so that I could keep it, lol

It is the size of an index card and so I quickly pulled out a stack of cards, my Dina Wakley paints and started printing.

Michelle  McCosh Gelli Prints


when I was done, I made this little mini book which I will fill with quotes.

Michelle McCosh Gelli Printing

The Q was an old red metal letter I found in my stash and I used black acrylic paint on the Gelli Plate to add the print to the front.

Michelle McCosh Gelli Printing

This was a quick and easy project to make but so much fun.


Street Tools

Everybody uses recycled materials to make marks in art, it is a lot of fun figuring out ways to reuse what was once considered garbage.

I keep a lot of these items in a plastic candy bucket which I pull out for classes and although I kinda like saying “Don’t forget to use some of my garbage on your pages” I decided that it was time for a more trendy word,  So I am now going to use the term Street Tools.



I will start using the hashtag #streettools in social media.  So remember when it becomes a very popular term, you heard it from me first, lol


What is in a Title or a Name ?

On the shuttle bus going to the Airport in Utah last week, there was a flight attendant and myself.  (apparently flights at midnight are not popular in Utah)



We struck up a conversation and she asked me if I was an Artist.

I don’t know what made her ask me, maybe it was the paint on my arm or my artisan crafted bag (love this bag, it is a razor bag made in Nepal) that gave it away. anyway,  I answered her with a “NO” and I wondered why I did that.

It made me think .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  when I think of the word “Artist”  I think of fine artists who paint sweeping scenery or stunning realistic portraits and I don’t do that.

Am I a Crafter ?  Well the answer is both Yes and No.  Do I do Art?  Again the answer is both Yes and No so I decided to come up with a term that describes how I think of myself



and I came up with Craftist.  I am both a Crafter and an Artist combined.  So next time someone answers me I will be able to answer them.  I am a Craftist!!


and for those of you interested here is a photo of my lovely bag. The bags are made in Nepal by skilled women who work with community based Fair Trade organizations.


michelle mccosh bag

Flying to Utah

I am here in Utah for a trade show and to teach a mixed media art journaling class to other store owners.  I flew in the day before so got to visit Salt Lake City and visit the area.

I did a lot of walking around, it so different to see mountains or even hills for that matter, Florida is just so, well flat. The temperature was over 100 degrees but was definitely not as humid as Florida and it was fun to see something different  than the route to the store, lol

here are some random photos from my walk.

Here is the Courthouse in Salt Lake City.  I was suprised at the amount of homeless people sleeping on the benches and on the grass.




Lovely spring flowers and of course the grass itself is so different than Florida, softer more like the grass I am used to in England.



The reflecting pond in front of the temple. It was just like looking in a mirror.




Statues are located through the grounds


I love the bark on this tree, I think it would make a beautiful stencil.




tomorrow I teach my class and then on Tuesday I am taking a bus tour organized through Crafters Home to visit some of the manufacturers in my industry.