A new class

We started a new class this past weekend called the Art Chronicle.  A year long art Journaling class that can be customized to everyones own needs.


An Art Journal Class with a purpose.  Each month we will be making a number of background pages using different substrates, products and/or techniques.  There will also be a list of exercises which will you help you to continue to make art throughout the month.

You can use this as a:

  • Planner
  • Scrapbook
  • Technique book
  • Book of quotes
  • Collage book
  • Book of Lists
  • an A to Z of you
  • Make cards with pages

You are only limited by your imagination

So each month is a new substrate and a new technique.  Although January has not started yet. . . . . here is a peek at one of my August pages.


January’s class is about Beeswax and Faux Encaustic.  February we will be working with Alcohol Inks.

You can always find out about it on the Classes page of Everything Scrapbook & Stamps

Seth Apter

I was lucky enough to host Seth Apter at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps.  Seth was teaching a two day Bento Box class.

Apter.BentoBox.3 Apter.BentoBox.4 Apter.BentoBox.5 Apter.BentoBox7

20191124_130337 20191124_161752 20191124_130119

Everyone had so much fun creating little works of art.  I had fun as I got to eat at a new Indian Restaurant.  I always love to chat with other artists over dinner but it is always extra special if we are eating Indian Food. . . . and this new location was fabulous!!

Traveler’s Notebook Stamp Caravan

Ok I will admit I am a bit of a geek when it comes to the original Traveler’s Notebooks.  I use three of them and am trying to find justification why I need another one (I neeeed the Camel color, lol) So anyway, I was super excited that Everything Scrapbook & Stamps is a stop on the Stamp Caravan.

{For those of you that do not know:  You can go to their store in Japan and use their custom stamps to stamp in your notebooks.  They decided to make duplicate sets of stamps and loan them to special stores for customers to use.}

Everything Scrapbook & Stamps hosted the stamps for the month of November with a special day on November 10th where we had goodie bags and a meetup to show each other our TN’s


here is the Traveler’s Notebook area in the store

20191025_182009 20191025_181955 20191025_181934

and a photo of everyone’s TN’s stacked up

20191110_131151 20191110_131201

Geek Out!!

Julie Nutting

Julie Nutting was the guest teacher at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps this weekend.  I think this is her 3rd visit.  Julie has a lovely line of doll stamps and beautiful scrapbook papers.  I so very cleverly forgot to take photos from the class.  This is my norm, sigh.  I have great intentions but always get busy and forget the photos.

I will have to make sure to take photos of her projects when I am back at the store tomorrow


and you can see more of her work at her blog:  Julie Nutting Designs

The last Day

Day four and five was more education with Golden interspersed with amazing food. I was sorry to leave. I forged friendships with my fellow artists, ate some incredible food, learned about mediums, acrylics, oils and watercolors and was spoiled beyond imagination by the folks from Golden Paints. I could easily have stayed another week. It was fun to get away from the hustle and bustle and stress of my everyday life.

Day 3

The morning was spent with Golden and then we had a free afternoon. I took a tour of Graveyard #1. This is the second oldest cemetery in New Orleans built in 1789

In New Orleans they can’t bury their deceased people as they are too close to the water table. They have above ground tombs. Once a person dies, they place them in a pine box inside and seal it up for a year and a day. The temperature reaches 300 degrees and it cooks the body. Once they open up the crypt they take the bones and the ash that is left and pulverise it before putting it back in a shaft in the back of the tomb.

Voodoo queen Marie Laveau is buried here and Actor Nicolas Cage also has a tomb here.

Tried another Beinyet and then back to the hotel for a show before dinner.

Golden Paints took us down the river on the Steamboat Natchez for dinner.


After dinner we listened to a Jazz band as we went down the Mississippi river.

This has been a really amazing experience.

Day 2

We spent the morning playing with paints and then Lunch in the courtyard

Banana on top of the fish and it was delicious. Actually everything I ate in New Orleans except the oysters were delicious. I did not know that New Orleans was known for it’s food. but, I know it now.

Back to paint in the afternoon and then

Dinner was at Antoines – open since 1840 fine French-Creole dining & birthplace of Oysters Rockefeller. We also were in a private dining room. We got to sample all the appetizers on the menu.


desert was Baked Alaska which was flambéed at the table. Coffee was then added to the flaming alcohol and served in the cups below. P.S. I could not taste any coffee!!

Then a few of us went to the Hotel bar to listen to Jazz Music.

It’s was my Birthday

It was my birthday on the 14th which was the first day of the event. What a way to spend it. .  . . . . playing with paint and mediums!!!

All the supplies we used were stretched along both walls of the room!

This was the box full of panels we needed to complete.  There was also some canvas in the box.

A paint pouring that I did.  Different than the way I had done it before (so much easier)We had a fabulous lunch in the courtyard of the hotel and then wine and cheese at 3 pm in the afternoon.

Dinner was in a private dining room at Cafe Gallery at Loew’s Hotel


The food was delicious!!!

A great end to a fabulous birthday


The Hotel

The Hotel Mazarin is beautiful. An old building right in the French Quarter with lovely architecture.



I came in early so I checked my luggage and went for a walk. I stopped by Cafe Du Monde for a Beignet. Everyone said to come here. Stood in line for about ten minutes so not too bad. I also decided to try the Chicory Coffee which is also a New Orleans staple. Have to say I was not impressed, sorry everyone!!


cafe dumond

Stopped into this lovely stationary store and bought a new wax seal and some metallic sealing wax

20191016_1131061899597072.jpgNew Orleans has such beautiful buildings and the history/stories behind them are very interesting..

In the evening we had our first meal with my fellow artists and the folks from Golden. They gave us a goodie bag filled with fun New Orleans souvenirs as we shared cocktails and got to meet each other. I had my first oyster (tasted like dirt) but, the rest of the food was lovely.



On my way to NOLA.

I am headed to New Orleans, Louisiana with Golden Paints. I am attending a training event called GAEP. I am one of twenty people selected from around the world to be immersed in everything Golden for an entire week. They are putting us up in the Hotel Mazarin which is in the French Quarter. I have never been to New Orleans so it should be interesting.