About Michelle

What do talcum powder and volcanos have in common? They both erupt into a gorgeous mess and so do I. Anyone who knows me, knows my love for getting messy. I love to dabble with media and experiment with anything in my reach. As a child, I would mix water, food coloring and talcum powder to make eyeshadow. As I grew, I learned to knit, sewed my own clothes and started my own successful catering company before the age of 16. Later, I entered the corporate world and still found time to feed my creative side. I began my current path in 1995 following a trip to Costa Rica. I went to view the Arenal Volcano, only to discover it was hidden by clouds. Returning home, I decided to put my photos in an album and when I realized I didn’t have any pictures of the volcano, I searched the internet to see what I could find. Lo and behold, I stumbled across the world of scrapbooking and rubber stamping. It was my introduction to this new world and I haven’t looked back since! I am a Copic and Ranger Certified Educator. Before owning “Everything Scrapbook & Stamps” in West Palm Beach, Florida, I traveled extensively worldwide and loved to collect unusual items to incorporate into my art. Born and raised in England, I currently reside in Florida with my husband and two rascally parrots.

Rae Missigman

I have admired Rae Missgman’s art for years.  I met her for the first time a couple of years ago at the Faber Castell booth at the trade show.  I was so delighted when she finally agreed to come teach at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps.

Rae taught two fun mixed media classes and I know everyone enjoyed them

20191005_122734 20191005_170055 20191006_154713 20191006_154723

Rae is so sweet and gifted me a handmade book and a lovely crocheted piece that can be work as a necklace, book wrap or bracelet.  I wear it as a bracelet and adore it.


Hoping to meet up with Rae again soon.  If you want to see more of her work click here!


So excited to be visiting New Orleans in a few days. I have never been and I will be there with other artists at a GOLDEN paint training session!!!  Lucky me :)


Where has the month gone? I got back to Florida on the 1st of September in time to board up the store for an impending hurricane. Then we had a huge estate sale at the store for one of our customers who passed away at the age of 89. Myrna had been crafting for many years and had an overwhelming amount of stuff. And of course I was behind on designing all of the classes for this month.

Now onto the crafty/art stuff

Cards from one of our recent card classes. Quick but, fun to make.

This is the Halloween Assemblage for this year.

I love the Halloween Making Season


In Skagway I took the coach to the Train which went through the mountains.  Stopped at the suspension bridge and had Bison Chili for Lunch.  The views are just incredible.

Images of Skagway




Views from the coach

20190826_122912 20190826_143325and from the train:


20190826_160633 20190826_160729 20190826_161738 20190826_163656 20190826_165852

we even stopped to pick up hitch hikers who were on a hiking tour and two of them turned out to be Nicole and Bryan who were with our group.


Alaska is just so incredibly beautiful and the polar opposite of Florida.  We have beautiful palm trees, ocean views and balmy breezes but it is very flat!


It was a rainy day in Juneau and I had tickets to the Rain Forest.  After getting there we discovered the roads had been washed out so the tour was canceled.  Called another Uber to go to the Medenhall Glacier.  We were in the visitors center and the power went out.  Just a crazy day!!

Here are the photos that I manged to get.


I can see how much the glacier has receded since my last visit.

20190825_134949 20190825_134857 20190825_135355

Cruising to Alaska

We are headed to Alaska again for another Royal Carribean cruise. I flew in a day early so that I could go and visit my friend Brookes store called Urban PaperCrafter in Edmonds Washington.

I only spent an hour here before Brooke whisked me away for a day of play :)

We took the ferry

And had Crepes

Before driving to Port Angeles. I had a personal quest to search for Edward from the Twilight series.  Did not find him but I did see the restaurant that Edward and Bella had dinner in !!

Here are some of the photos from our day

Vegas Baby

Time for the Summer Trade show and this year it was held in Vegas.

Not a favorite location of mine. I find there is too many people and it is hot. On the plus side I get to meet up with my colleagues and order tons of merchandise for the holiday season.

View of the hoover dam from the plane.

Vegas was hot, hot, hot and there was a swarm of grasshoppers. The grasshoppers were so dense that they could be seen from space!!

I found some very cool products for the store and had a great time with my colleagues. Time away from the store always gives my head time to think about new classes. This time I found a new book system and it gave me some fabulous ideas for 4 or 5 different art journaling classes.

Can’t wait to get some of the components I need to start designing.

Here is one of them.


Here is the outside of an English pub that I managed to eat at with my friend Brooke.  I like to eat genuine English Sausages when I get a chance.


Genuine Sausages and Baked Beans.  Strange to have the Baked Beans with Bangers and Mash tho.