Eggs and Gelli!

I know the saying that it is Peanut Butter and Jelly that go together but I think parrot eggs and Gelli plates go together as well.

My little girl Mango lays eggs every so often under the coffee table.  (they are infertile eggs) I can’t bear to throw them away. (I also keep all her molted feathers)  I guess it is the same thing with keeping your children’s teeth.

This is Mango . . . . and yes you are right she is breathtaking, she is actually the most beautiful bird in the world.

Mango Mango-Face


Anyway I blow out the eggs and keep them.  I am always asked what I am going to do with the eggs and I never thought about it till recently when I dragged out my gelli plate, some adirondack paint and the eggs. The stamps are by Dina Wakley.

 Gelli Arts dina wakley mixed media Gelli plate ranger adirondack dina wakley


then I did some with different colors

gelli arts dina wakley ranger dina wakley gelli arts ranger

I love how these turned out.  So I definitely think Eggs and Gelli go together!

Gelli Plate Packing Tape

So I make a lot of Gelli Plate Packing tape.  I just love this as a way to clean my plate when I have finished a gelli printing session.  (who am I kidding, I don’t actually clean my plate, lol.  I really like to just make the tape).  So during a class I was teaching on Mono Printing I had the idea to see if I could stamp on the gelli plate with ink rather than paint and see if I could lift it off with the packing tape.  Well I tried it and it worked.

Here are two pieces that have done using this process.  Sorry for the glare it is not easy to get a photo of the shiny tape.

Tim Holtz Gelli Arts Tim Holtz Gelli Arts

and a close up of the skeleton.

Gelli Arts Tim Holtz

If you are interested in the process you can find the original gelli plate packing tape transfer video here: Gelli Arts Youtube

I uploaded a new video to You Tube and it shows this technique.

You can watch the process here


Supplies used are Adirondack Paint, Gelli Arts Printing Plate, Ranger Archival Ink, Tim Holtz stamps

Do something you have never done

A couple of weeks ago I started working on this page in my Moleskine journal

I colored the background with NeoColor II crayons over white gesso and stamped the girl stamps onto dictionary paper and old maps.  One of the dresses is from a Gelli Print.  The border is also from some Gelli Prints that I had previously done on Deli Paper.  About a week later I added some rub ons.  That is one of the fun things about working in multiple journals, you can always go back and add a little more to each page while you are waiting for another page to dry.

Dina Wakley NeoColor Crayonshere are some of the close up detail shots

Dina Wakley NeoColor CrayonsDina Wakley NeoColor Crayons Dina Wakley NeoColor CrayonsI will continue to work on the page before I add my journaling.

Supplies Used: Neocolor II Crayons, Dina Wakley’s Stamps set – Scribbly women & Textures, Dina Wakleys Stencil – Affirmations, Black & White Gesso, Rub Ons – Tim Holtz


Pencil Cases

ok, so big surprise I have been playing with my Gelli Arts plate again.  This time instead of printing on paper I decided to print on canvas.

I have these cute bags which were just begging me to print on them.

I used Pebeo Paints on the Gelli Plate along with a variety of stencils.

Pebeo Paints Gelli ArtsThe first one I made was the Red Bag.  I used a paper stencil that I made to add the black pattern.

Pebeo Paints Gelli Arts

Front View

Pebeo Paints Gelli Arts

Back View

Pebeo Paints Gelli Arts

Close Up

and here is the second one I made


Pebeo Paints Gelli Arts

Front View

Pebeo Paints Gelli Arts

Back View

Pebeo Paints Gelli Arts

Close Up



I was experimenting with the addition of adding Fabric Medium to the paint. I added it to the Blue/Green Bag but did not to the Red/Orange bag.  I think as I am using it for a product I am not going to wash or wear the next time I do this I will not bother with the fabric medium.  When I do it on an apron I will make sure I use it.

Did you notice the architectural plans under the bags.  I lay these papers down on the desk in classes and encourage people to brayer or paint on them.  It keeps our tables clean and I get some fabulous papers which I can cut up for collage.

If you need a Gelli Plate, Pebeo Paints or a Canvas Pencil Case you can get them here at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps.  It is a fabulous mixed media art store located in South Florida and the staff are just fabulous, if I do say myself, wink!


No. 14 – Gelli Print Card

Gelli Print Card 

No. 14

I had some time before Christmas and was able to get the Gelli Plate out to play.

One of the projects I made was this card.

Michelle McCosh Gelli Arts Gelli Print Ranger InkHere is the front of the card.

Gelli Arts Gelli Print Ranger Ink Michelle McCoshHere is another view of the front.

Gelli Arts Gelli Print Ranger Ink Michelle McCoshInside of the card

I love the detail.  There is nothing like a Gelli Print.  It just amazes me every time I pull a print.  I get so excited to see what I am going to get.

Gelli Arts Gelli Print Ranger Ink Michelle McCoshI have to admit I rarely clean my Gelli Plate between paint color changes or prints.  I get some interesting ghost images and colors that are left over and it adds to the mystery of what I am going to get in my final prints.


Gelli Arts Gelli Print Ranger Ink Michelle McCosh

Supplies used are: Gelli Arts Printing Plate, Ranger Adirondack Paints and Archival Ink in Sepia.  Stencils are by Dyan Reaveley and stamps are Wendy Vecchi.  The embellishment is by Tim Holtz.

You can purchase any of the supplies I used here:  Everything Scrapbook & Stamps


Using my Gelli Arts Print Papers

It is no secret that I love my Gelli Arts Printing plate.  I am always telling people how I love my Gelli Plate and I get asked all the time what I do with all the Gelli Print Papers I make.

I will admit that I do make a lot of prints and not just on paper (but I am saving that for another post).  So I thought I would show you another project I made with some of the prints.

Here is a little accordion book filled with prints, stamps and quotes.

Gelli Arts Prints

Open view of accordion book

Stencils used are from Crafters Workshop and the Stamps are from Dina Wakley, Wendy Vecchi, Tim Holtz and Stampotique.

Gelli Arts Gelli Print accordion Book

Interior Pages


Gelli Arts Gelli Prints book

More Pages


Gelli Arts Gelli Print

Interior Pages

Gelli Arts prints accordion book

Lil Monster Close Up

I love this Monster stamp by Stampotique.

I stamped him on a Vellum Gelli Print,and cut him out, no extra coloring was needed.

Close Up

Close Up

This is a close up of my favorite print. There are so many layers in this print and  I am kicking myself that I did not scan it first as I think it would make a fabulous background paper. Oh well, live and learn.

Recently one of my friends saw me making prints and was not impressed, she thought they were “ugly” but when I showed her what could be made with them she got it.

I love to make these little books filled with Quotes, they make nice little gifts that can cheer up someone’s day.




I have been gone

from this blog for a while, it seems like a very very long time but in reality is about 6 weeks.   Trying to catch up from my buying trip to Las Vegas and the recent guest teachers we have had, along with designing new classes and remodeling the store has really whittled down the time I have had available to manage this blog and make Art. I miss it. . .

In the few minutes I had spare I have managed to have some fun with my Gelli Plate making some more prints and using some of the papers to make a couple of mini books.

I love Gelli Plate Printing, I am obsessed

Here are some images of what I have been up to

Some recent prints

Gelli Prints

Gelli Prints

I used the 6×6 Gelli plate and decided to fold three of the prints in half.  Using a simple pamphlet stitch with hemp to bind the book.  I then stamped various images and added some quotes to complete this little book.

Here is a look at the cover.

I love this quote stamp by Tim Holtz

Gelli Prints

Gelli Print Book Cover


Here is one of the interior pages

Interior Pages

Interior Pages

The heart shapes are punched from another Gelli Print

Interior Pages

Interior Pages

I stamped this mushroom image and then colored with pencils, adding a quote I made on my label printer.  I used Gel medium to glue the sticker down.

Center of book

Center Pages

Center Pages

Brush and Pencil stamps are by Impression Obsession

Mini Book

Mini Book

Here is another view of the book

 and here are some playing cards I am altering using the Gelli Plate

Playing Cards

Playing Cards


I hope all the images have made up for the long time between posts.

I think I am back on track time wise so will post again soon,

until then go make something !