Challenge for 2019

Last year with Christine we had the #wherepaperandfabriccollide challenge where we picked a word and Christine made something with Fabric and I made something with paper.  I know it was a challenge between us but it was very challenging to find the time to make something!


This year I am making ATC / Playing Card sized pieces of Art and I will be making 365 of them.  Not everyday but 365 pieces so it will be a nice body of work when completed and it won’t be stressful (I hope)  You can follow on instagram under michellemccosh

Cuba Cruise

In June I taught on a Cruise Ship heading to Cuba.

I taught only two classes on this ship

One was a scrapbook and the other was a Mixed Media Explorers suitcase.

Cuba is a beautiful country with lovely people, magnificent foliage and old interesting decaying buildings.

20180626_182121 20180626_153430 20180626_153413 20180626_144433 20180626_124419 20180626_105627 20180626_110004 20180626_112310

Look at the patina on this wall.  This would make a great background for an art journal


I would love to go back to Cuba and explore some more!


A day with Seth Apter

Seth Apter was in town teaching workshops at the store.  I managed to play hookey from the store again this year and we decided to visit Mounts Botanical Gardens and an Old Church

Mounts Botanical Garden is located in Palm Beach and this was my first visit there.  They had an exhibition of Washed Ashore – Art to Save the Sea.

This was a horrifying but fascinating exhibit.  The Artists made some fabulous art but it is made entirely from debris washed ashore from the ocean.


20180521_115120 (1)

The art is made from all kinds of plastic:  Toilet Seats, Bouys, Flip Flops, Childrens Toys

20180521_114553_Burst01 20180521_114537_HDR 20180521_113326

This bird’s feathers were made from tires


To give you idea of scale, this parrotfish weighs 1600lbs


Some natural beauty.  Inside a flower20180521_105401

This one was the most disturbing to me.  All along the logs of the starfish were bullet casings!20180521_105219 20180521_104753After we visited the gardens we decided to have lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant and had just enough time before his flight to go and visit Bethesda By the Sea

Bethesda by the Sea is an old church on the Island of Palm Beach and has some magnificent stonework and gardens

20180521_140514 20180521_135022 20180521_135853 20180521_135816 20180521_135306


Gargoyles are something I have always loved20180521_135245

It is Week 8 – Where Paper and Fabric Collide

Coffee Cup Sleeve was our word for this week.  Yep our words are all over the place to make it a fun challenge  There are some words on our list that I have a “what was I thinking” moment

Week 5 of the Challenge

Our word this week was Doll

This one was fun



Cruising to the Caribbean

we headed to the Caribbean for this years Art Cruise

One of the Mixed Media classes was Gelli Plate Printing (one of my favorite things to do) and we made canvas tote bags.

20160926_162326 20160926_161908 20160926_160521

I also had an Art Journaling Class

20160926_150545 20160926_150553 20160926_150631

The classroom area.


We also had two other classes:  A mixed Media Assemblage and  a Planner Class

A “New” old piece

Cassia gave me this vintage sewing machine.

I think it is going to be a great display piece in the store.

 20160629_182426We just have to figure out where to put it first!  Always a challene to fit pieces into th store but I do love the old pieces with history.

National Stationary Show



Met up with the owners from Foxy Fix.  It was their first time at the stationary show as well.  It is always great to meet someone that you tak with on the phone or via email.


I went to a few tourist spots in the evenings.  I love New York City, the streets have their own song and everything is so vibrant.  I always feel that I could move here and then I feel the crowds of people and realise I could never live there.  Way too many people for me.


I did manage to a little journaling in the hotel

My Moleskine Planner


New York

I am staying in North Bergen, NJ and taking the ferry over to New York.

20160514_182959 (1) 20160514_183230

The Javitz Center is a couple of blocks away from the Ferry terminal and as long as I have this I am fine!


Saw a huge peaceful demonstration while I was here:


They are part of the Falun Gong demonstrations.